Garden Help is the leading platform for connecting individuals and companies looking for gardening and landscaping services with top-quality, experienced professionals. Since been founded in 2015 Garden Help has helped thousands of customers with their property needs. The Garden Help website is supported with a seamless online booking process, backed by secure payment, and is the easiest, most convenient way to book gardening services.



Garden Help began in a humble beginnings, founder and gardening mad enthusiast Edmund Hart equipped with just a car and a few basic tools began gardening work for neighbours, friends and family, from there the business sky rocketed with good word of mouth referrals and determination Garden Help has grown from serving the local community in its native Carlow to cover much of Leinster. From 2018 Garden Help is further expanding though this time overseas to the UK. Truly exciting times ahead indeed!

The aim and vision Edmund has of Garden Help is to help answer the practical solution of finding top rated professionals to help customers with their gardening and landscaping requirements, whilst maintaining high quality at affordable costs. As the company grew Edmund found there was such a demand for the services that he enlisted other companies and qualified individuals to help answer this need. Edmund then used his experience from his professional background in Finance and Marketing to enlist top quality administrativestaff to join him on this exciting journey. First on board was Megan Deevey who joined Garden Help in early 2016. Megan arrived at Garden Help equipped with vast knowledge from her previous roles in both administration and finance. It is her role to oversee the day to day operations of the company and oversee the management of the administrative staff.In 2017 Megan was appointed company secretary, and shares Edmunds passion in driving the company forward towards an exciting future, making Garden Help the leading platform to book convenient quality gardening services.




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