Gardens are pride of any household. It adds beauty, sheen and a feeling that we are in the midst of nature when you are basking in the sunlight sipping your morning tea or coffee. Dublin is renowned by many to be the pride of Ireland with so many scenic locations and spots to visit. Therefore, it becomes equally necessary for the households to provide a similar feeling, for guests or for themselves. Therefore, we have a good number of landscapers and garden designers in Northern Ireland especially.

Having a professional garden designer in your contact list is a must-have in your list, and there can be no better alternative than Garden Help for this job. They understand that it takes a lot of time and concentration to make your garden look beautiful. It takes a lot of effort to deliver a service that would be phenomenal at best.

This is the reason that they provide garden designs in Dublin and garden designs in Belfast as well. What you, as a customer would witness in the end would be something that would look exquisitely refined, and your garden would be a sight to behold.


Garden Help focuses on providing you with the best landscape designs in Dublin, that also includes best garden designs in Dublin as well. The services that they provide are cutting edge with respect to the delivery and the execution of it. But they follow a series of steps post which they start providing you with the executables that would make your garden look beautiful.

Their work terminology steps are,

Garden Help takes the quotes from you, what do you need, what would you like to be done to the existing setup and the like.

They would then be booking up your appointment date so that they would explain a bit more about the things they do, and the services they provide.

The customer would then be receiving a quote from Garden Help listing out the possible services that the former has selected. These would include the best garden designs in Belfast that are currently available.

Garden Help would then confirm your payment through their secure servers and would notify you about the same accordingly.

With respect to the scheduled date and time that has been pre-decided, the team would be there to start their work.

Garden Help prides in itself in dubbing themselves as the best landscapers and garden designers in Northern Ireland. Some of the vast arrays of services that they provide are listed down below:

Grass Cutting

Having the best landscape designs in Dublin, Garden Help provides the best grass cutting services. All thanks to the latest technological innovations and machinery that they are using for the same. It might seem to be a trivial job for most, but the Company has an expertly trained staff that have a singular focus on sprucing your lawn clean.

Power Washing

After you have cut the grass, there is a dire need to wash up the dregs and the remnants that are left behind. Garden Help has the equipment to wash them all up using power washing equipment specifically designed for this purpose. Automated washing equipment saves up a lot of time and the Company understands the same enabling you to get the results as quickly as possible.

Lawn Care

Taking care of your beautiful lawn is another part of the services that Garden Help excels in. Either you can move around with your lawnmower in tow, and spruce your lawn badly. Or, you can contact Garden Help to provide expert service on taking care of your beautiful lawn.


Getting the best garden designs in Dublin is no easy work, and if we are to make your garden look fresh and uniform without the presence of long weeds and other kinds of grass, then strimming is something that needs to be done professionally. Garden Help also provides services based on strimming up your lawn clean and clear.


Weeds are a recurring and a definite problem which everyone with a garden face. These are unwanted plants and shrubs that would eat out the essential soil nutrients making it impotent to plant anything new. Weeding is a necessary measure that is provided by the Company as well.

Leaf Clean Up

Cleaning up your leaves is a detailed and a meticulous job and it should be done with preciseness, rather than haphazardly. Some of the garden designs in Belfast use automated equipment to remove unnecessary dust and other particles off from the leaves. Garden Help uses the same methodology to clean them up.

Planting Services

Garden Help also provides help in planting up some new trees in place of the old ones that might not look good in your gardens. This is an essential step since there are many who would wish to experiment on their garden to make it look great.


This is a horticultural measure that is now also included in providing professional gardening services. Pruning is done by Garden Help to remove some of the unwanted plant parts that might be overgrown or dried out owing to some of the other reasons. This will ensure the best landscape design in Dublin.


Garden Help also provides mulching services for household gardens as well. This is important to improve the level of soil moisture and also to increase the fertility of your soil. It is a better measure than using chemical fertilizers, which might cost you a bit more than necessary.


Being the best landscaper and garden designer in Northern Ireland requires a lot of pedigree and hard work, and Garden Help is trying to break those boundaries by being the best in what they do.

With an array of services and positive testimonials from various clients and customers in and around Dublin and Belfast is a great way to set their work up and running. If you need a professional service help or any kind of A-Z in terms of beautifying your garden, Garden Help is the one you can always approach.

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