Lawn Mowing, something that is very much common in every household and backyard, if the owner has a lawn or a garden. They always look beautiful if they have been tended to regularly, if not daily. Imagine if you wake up in the morning, sip a cup of coffee and come out the backyard and see your lawn marred with overgrown weeds, scutch grass and all other kinds of stuff growing in there. That would certainly make your day woeful. So, it's a great option to have a best lawn mowing service in Dublin in your contact list.

Granted that this task can be done at home, with a lawn mowing equipment by your side. But it would be difficult if you want your lawn pruned and sheared and cleaned up with a specific amount of time, basically, quick and professional service is what you would be requiring. Having a service for lawn mowing in Belfast is, therefore, the way to go. Garden Help provides you with a professional quote and an expert opinion as to how you can carefully go along through this process and thereby make it look beautiful as before.

It is always important that you take care of your lawn with consistency, only then you would be able to literally weed out the problems. If you face difficulties in the same, then Garden Help is there to provide you with what you need.


As a Company, Garden Help provides the best in class services with respect to lawn mowing, technologically and professionally. The Company has an ingrained team of experts that are present to give each and every kind of advice that you need and require. We also have modernized types of equipment that are completely capable of mowing and weeding out the issues at hand.

Garden Help has professionally mechanized staff and types of equipment with respect to the area that you want to mow. If you have a smaller area then it would not do to use heavy equipment for mowing it out. Some of the services that the company provides are listed out as follows,

GRASS REMOVAL – Lawn mowing primarily requires perfect grass removal through professional means that might not be done at home. The equipment at hand are completely capable of providing the amount of the grass that you want to keep, and the ones that you don't want to. Also, the professionals in our team take care that we accidentally do not take out the good grass from the bad ones since they are usually the case when you are mowing without any kind of expert help. This is the reason that Garden Help is the best lawn mowing service in Dublin.

SIDEWALK EDGING – Sidewalks are also an essential part of your gardens without which it will look somewhat out of shape and much like the usual ones. Most of the times, the grasses grow around and, in those sidewalks, which puts them in a very bad place. Therefore, removing the unnecessary edging along your lawns and making it uniform is also what Garden Help excels in. Being the best lawn mowing service in Belfast, we effectively edge out the grass using our pieces of equipment without much of the hassles. It is recommended that you take professional help in terms of these services since edging out the sidewalks requires a tremendous amount of concentration and precision. Without the availability of proper equipment and guidance, it cannot be done.

TRIMMING – Trimming out the exact amounts as the customer wants and needs is something that is taken during the price quotations. Since you don't want the grass to be over-trimmed and that would not look good and marring your happiness is something that we chance not risk on. Lawn trimming is therefore carried out with equipment that is certified with respect to the standards prescribed by the authorities. This measure is important since trimming will reach places that the mower might not reach. It is also done along the driveways and the sidewalks removing any and all kinds of excess grass and weeds growing around it.

POWER BLOWING – A specific type of power blower is required to clean out the unusual and wasted grass that grows along the edges and throughout the garden. This is the reason that power blowing is a service that is offered by the Company with respect to lawn mowing. Being the service provider that gives lawn mowing in Dublin, it is one of the most precision based techniques that is included in the arsenal of Garden Help. The electric leaf power blowers remove the dust particles and the weeds permanently thereby helping to make your work easier.

SWEEPING – The final part with respect to the lawn mowing process is sweeping out the lawn in its entirety. If you have a large enough lawn then it is difficult to sweep out your lawn manually, it might not be humanly possible. Therefore, Garden Help has automated sweeping equipment that would require a minimum amount of workforce but effective deliverability. Cleaning out your lawn is an essential procedure since you have removed out everything that was a menace. Automated sweepers will collect any strewn leaves or the like and would make it spick and span with zero amount of efforts, but a lot of smarts.


The best lawn mowing in Belfast is a title that Garden Help aptly deserves. There are a number of reasons as to why they do. With respect to an effective customer service that they provide and owing to their quick response time in any number of queries. An effective and professional bunch of individuals that are dedicated to providing cutting edge services in terms of lawn mowing. A building trust that they provide to their customers and clients which enforces this belief that they are there for them come hell or high water. With all these reasons, it is safe to assume that Garden Help is the way to go if you want the best for your lawn.

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