Power washing is something that is needed for specific purposes only, but it is a necessity for some sectors. A synonymous phrase for power washing is called pressure washing and it is utilized aggressively on cleaning up stuff that would otherwise not get done if we don’t use this.

In simpler terms, it is used to clean up the grime and the dirt that is present on the patios, steps, driveways, etc. It can also be used to clean up your homes, specifically on the exterior parts of your house like moss and the like so that the paint won’t peel it apart. Therefore, power washing services in Belfast are something that you can opt in for.

Some of the sectors distinguish power washing and pressure washing differently. Since power washing removes any and all kinds of organic materials like fungus, mold, etc with a burst of heated water. Whereas pressure washing is more focused on removing the dried-out dirt particles and stains, dust, etc with a high pressure burst of water. Technological advancements have therefore given power washing in Dublin and pressure washing in Belfast a notable boost.

It might not be a great practice to have an equipment which you can use yourself to remove the issues at home. So, it is a better alternative to have an expert take a look at the problems at hand and accordingly guide you in with respect to this accordingly.


Some of the more stubborn amounts of problems like chewing gums, loose paint, grime, etc. cannot be removed using conventional means, therefore it is a bit necessary to avail the services of power washing in Dublin take control. And what best alternative than Garden Help to keep you aware and help you in every step of the way. With their automated amount of equipments that forces out water at the rate of 3500-4000 PSI depending upon the requirement and the intensity of the dirt that is there.

Having the best power washing service in Dublin, Garden Help provides with biodegradable cleaning solutions as well which is in sync with the requirements at hand. High powered equipments coupled with these cleaning make up for a lethal combination that literally is useful in giving you the best possible that you can wish for. With respect to the prescribed standards, the Company keeps an optimum water pressure level close to 35,000 PSI for every variety of dust there is.


Apart from using these at homes, Garden Help also provides pressure washing in Belfast for many other purposes. They can help clean out places like,


Apart from the power and the pressure washing services, Garden Help also provides customer support and query resolution with respect to the services they provide. It is very essential that the clients know what they are buying, and only then take a uniformed and a transparent view on the services that they can utilize effectively.

Since there are varied amount of services with respect to power washing that they provide, it might be increasingly difficult to choose a good one. Therefore, the Company provides detailed quotes on the services that they have and what they can expect from them with respect to the deliverability.

Plus, the equipments that they use over here adhere with respect to the industry and safety level standards prescribed by the official authorities in Northern Ireland. Equipments and levels like the prescribed nozzle levels, water levels to be used, valve pressure are with respect to the standards. Since the level required is different for each one of the issues, the final authority would therefore rest with that of the Company as to how much they want to use it.


Being the best power washing service in Belfast and Northern Ireland is a bit difficult and Garden Help has proved itself a worthy contender among the ever-growing list of Companies that provides this, that is best in class.

Armed with all the modern equipments and measures that are in place, Garden Help is truly incomparable with regards to the services for power and pressure washing. Along with the staff of experts that they possess and their myriad amount of services, they are truly a force to reckon.

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