Best Winter Lawn Care Services

Lawn care is one of the primary services that we offer and we understand how significant a good lawn is for a home. A lush, beautiful lawn adds a great value to a home and no doubt makes it very appealing to look at. The lawn should be given proper care throughout the year for it to look fresh, green and lush. Winter is the most difficult season when it comes to planting care and for lawn, it cannot even move inside but one should know exactly how to deal with it else you may not get it in right shape after the winter season. We offer winter lawn care in Dublin with great efficiency so that our customers can enjoy the same lush and beautiful lawn next spring.

Right Amount of Fertilization

Healthy lawns need major nutrients like Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorous for staying healthy. They also need certain micronutrients and the fertilization of the lawns are done so that it gets adequate of all the nutrients and minerals needed for staying strong and healthy. The fertilization of lawn is one of the key aspects to take care even during winter. Our experts who are well equipped and have expertise in winter lawn treatment, do the analysis to find the right kind of fertilization for the lawn. The lawns itself are available in different types like the cool season ones and the warm season ones. The cool season lawns should be fertilized at the time of fall when the temperatures cool down and the grass is in a growing state. Our experts also understand when exactly the fertilization need to be stopped during winter. You can rely on us completely for winter lawn care from fertilizing to all other aspects of taking care of the lawn.

Mowing the Lawn

Our services include lawn care, mowing, gardening, garden care, winter lawn care etc. We know how important is to mow the lawn for winter. Our experts do the mowing until the grass stops growing. Mowing should be carried out till late fall and even over the leaves that fall from the trees on the lawn. Our experts know how to gradually reduce the height of the grass for winter. We also have an idea on what is the optimal height to stick to so that the lawn can be really given the right care and can be kept away from diseases and weeds. Winter lawn care in Belfast can be best handled by our experts who know the right way and time to mow the lawn.

Keeping the Lawn Pest and Weed Free

If one needs to control weeds in the garden, it can be done effectively only if a lot of care goes into taking care of the growth of the grass. Healthy grass grows to shade the soil and thus does not allow any weeds to grow. Our experts can be hired for complete lawn care so that we provide the necessary fertilization, does the right amount of mowing and watering for the grass to grow well and strong. There are certain weeds like creeping Charlie, henbit and dandelions that can be controlled easily during the fall. Our experts know how to find them and dig them and we also ensure that right herbicide is used properly on the lawn for getting rid of any weeds from the lawn.

Pests can also pose a threat to the health of your lawn. Some of the pests just feed on the grass while others make homes in the soil thus creating a lot of trouble to your lawn. The pests can also be trouble to engage in any activities on the lawn. Our experts can be hired for the winter lawn care in Dublin so that we use the right kind of the solution to get rid of these issues on the lawn.

Aerating the Lawn in winter

Lawn prepares itself for the winter during the fall by enhancing the roots. Aerating helps the lawn a lot in increasing the growth of the roots so that it can breathe and minimize the building up of thatch. Thatch can make the lawn prone to diseases and insects. Thatch also reduces the tolerance of the lawn during summer towards drought. Aerating the lawn helps in contributing to the thicker and fuller lawn during spring. It ensures to give a much greener lawn during summer.

Hire us for winter lawn care in Belfast and we ensure to use the right kind of aerators on your lawn so that we can ensure better looking and green lawns. We do aerate to ensure that only the right amount of soil is removed so that nutrients, water and air can easily penetrate into roots so that the grass turns much healthier and greener. Our experts know to do the preparation required before aerating the lawn.

Keeping Heavy Items, Vehicular Traffic and Foot Away from Lawn

The lawn should be given the right care and it should not be stamped or should not allow the vehicles to move over it for its proper growth. Our experts also help in putting the right sign boards so that your lawns can be kept safe and without getting disturbed during winter. The grasses that are walked upon or have heavy items placed or had a lot of traffic will not grow well or stay healthy. Our experts ensure to remove any heavy items and also to give a beautiful boundary to the lawn for keeping it safe.

Winter lawn treatment can be made a very easy and hassle free chore by hiring us. We offer winter garden care and different other services that one will be looking for during winter. Winter lawn care in Dublin is best handled by our experts. We give the right kind of care to the lawn by using the most advanced and right equipment so that your lawn can grow fresh and lush in the next spring with its refreshing to look. Book our services prior to winter so that we plan a routine for your winter lawn care.

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